Biospray Menurut Para Dokter




1st Doctor:

Used to have back aches due to car accident.

After 2 months of using Bio Spray he stopped taking painkillers.

2nd Doctor:

“So, I heard you’ve been using this Bio Spray until today, for how long already?”

“It’s quite some time now, about nearly about 4 to 5 months.”

“Oh. 4 months. Doctor, can you please stand up? I just want to compare to the previous one. I just want to focus and see. Oh! Big change in you!”

Doctor lost 2 inches in the waist in just 4 to 5 months (of using Bio Spray) and is feeling energetic.

“So, your waist line slims a bit?”

“Yes, smaller by 2 inches.”

“2 inches?”

“Yes yes.”

“Just over 4 months?”


“That’s good.”

3rd Doctor:

He used to have back aches and couldn’t balance while standing.

He had been taking medication for 2 years, 2 times a day.

After using Bio Spray, no more pain.

He can go jogging again!

He recommended that people with similar cases should TRY IT… Bio Spray!

4th Doctor:

He suffered from back aches and some other small problems.

He started using Bio Spray last April, year 2004.

After using for a month, his back ache has gone.

His urine problems has been solved.

His weight has reduced from 85kg. to 76kg!

5th Doctor:

84 years old.

Used Bio Spray for 3 weeks.

“Doctor, for how long have you tried the product?”

“Already 3 weeks.”

“3 weeks?”

“Yes, 3 weeks.”

His white hair turned grey and starting to turn black.

“How do you find the product?”

“(My hair) It’s all white.”

“Formally it’s all white. Now there’s black. Wow! That’s fantastic!”

“3 weeks of using Bio Spray, now it’s 70{2c726582bf6bb8a4bc722bec4b6bbd42a6c30bea1589f65291afb10d29db5d0a}”

He has eyesight problems as well, he couldn’t see clearly.

“And your eyes also, I heard, what happened to your eyes?”

“Much better.”

“Much better! Formally hardly can’t see?”

Doctor said it’s due to old age, his nerves has degenerated.

“Normally I can not see. It’s very dark. The Doctor said my eye can’t see anymore due to my age.”

“The nerve degenerate.”

Doctor said NO CURE for him.

“Yes, it degenerate. He said no medicine, no cure.”

“So, now you can see how many percent?”

Now his visibility recovered from 30{2c726582bf6bb8a4bc722bec4b6bbd42a6c30bea1589f65291afb10d29db5d0a} to 80{2c726582bf6bb8a4bc722bec4b6bbd42a6c30bea1589f65291afb10d29db5d0a}!

“About 80{2c726582bf6bb8a4bc722bec4b6bbd42a6c30bea1589f65291afb10d29db5d0a}.”

“80{2c726582bf6bb8a4bc722bec4b6bbd42a6c30bea1589f65291afb10d29db5d0a}? Formerlly can not?”

“No. It’s about 30{2c726582bf6bb8a4bc722bec4b6bbd42a6c30bea1589f65291afb10d29db5d0a} only.”

“Formerlly can only see 30{2c726582bf6bb8a4bc722bec4b6bbd42a6c30bea1589f65291afb10d29db5d0a}, now 80{2c726582bf6bb8a4bc722bec4b6bbd42a6c30bea1589f65291afb10d29db5d0a}! 3 weeks! That’s fantastic! So is it this product (Bio Spray)?

“Yes yes.”

He is from Bangkok, Thailand.

“So, Doctor, where are you from? Are you from Bangkok?”


“So, from Bangkok. You are a Doctor by profession?”

He’d been a Doctor for over 50 years.

“When I was young. I was an Opstechtic. I was a doctor for more than 50 years.”

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